About Us

Synopsis of I-Mart Engineering Ltd

I-Mart Engineering Ltd designs and manufactures each building individually. Our top priority is to deliver the most cost effective and highest quality metal building on the market today. Close attention is paid to engineering and erection detail. This ensures our customers’ complete satisfaction in construction of the building and its durability through the years. For cost effective reason we can design your pre-engineered building according to any existing standard material available in the local market. So we are extremely versatile in engineering aspects.

We deal with various types of construction works. But specially we are one of the leading pre-fabricated manufacturer in Bangladesh. The institution is highly specialized to give ONE STOP solution for pre-fabricated/engineered steel structures, buildings and multi-dimensional facilities, all under one roof. Many companies talk about relationships, but when you join forces with IEL, you are receiving security, accuracy and efficiency with a personal touch. IEL has a workforce of approximately 50 employees, as engineers, operators, welders, fabricators, site supervisors and managers. It owns excellent range of modern construction and transportation equipment and machinery. All of our machineries are world class which meets highest standards of quality and efficiency

I-Mart Engineering Ltd has been launched to design; manufacture, built and marketing pre-fabricated steel building in Bangladesh. The building shall consist of all primary and secondary structural members, connection bolts, canopies, roof extension, sheeting, trim flashing, doors, windows, fasteners, gutters, downspouts and other miscellaneous item and

accessories as specified, shown or mentioned in this guide. For the premium quality and customized design solutions, I-mart Engineering Ltd.

Its factory located at Golora, Manikgonj,Bangladesh. Due to this location specific convenience, the factory enjoys several external economies of scale such as constant supply of industrial energy line, large road transportation hub, availability of physical labor for labor intensive tasks and finally the availability of industrial security, which is a large factor in the production of any product or service in Bangladesh.



ZINCALUME & COLORBOND STEEL AS ingredient material for roofing and wall cladding application.



Complete building shed




Single source responsibility

Reduced manpower and requirement needs

Design flexibility

Less time –consuming



Design layout based upon process requirements

Architectural flexibility

Highly adaptable for future expansion



From concept to final design

Highly experienced engineering team



Product flexibility

Reduced time frame


Builder network including fully trained erectors

Knowledge of local construction methods and code



We are committed to strive to meet all building challenges using environmentally sound methods and materials. Additionally, the I-Mart Engineering Ltd beliefs on sustainability have led to a company policy that emphasizes environment preservation. I-Mart Engineering Ltd work on projects that include experiencing green cover, reducing effluents and emission, maintaining local ecological and improving long term coronate sustainability.


I-Mart Engineering Ltd recognizes higher priority client satisfaction and maintains standard services with quality steel construction services that will build long-lasting relationships with clients.

To continuously find ways to improve overall industry performance and a high level of integrity and open communication in all our relationships


Excellence in every aspect – Premium quality and performance resulting from our expertise, efficiency, attention to detail and passion.

Exceptional value – value based on the depth of our financial resources, our local knowledge and our technical expertise.

Constructive partnerships – strong, enduring relationships with clients and partners based on trust, transparency and results.

Safety focused   – Important consideration in every aspect of our operations.



Our people – Their expertise, hunger for knowledge and passion to excel.Above all, their loyalty and commitment to I-Mart Construction Industries.

Our resources – Capital resources that enable us to respond faster than our construction competitors and  raw materials that enable us to trade material at market leading prices.

Our experience – A tradition for excellence and  achievement reaching  back over  5 years and  an ability to  share our clients’ perspective that  gives us a unique understanding of their needs throughout the project cycle.

Our investment capability– Financial resources that allow us to partner with clients as both investor and contractor.The ability to self-perform and to diversify into new industries.

Management & Organogram:


Si. No. Name of Directors Designation Qualification Year Of Experience
01 Popy Bhowmick Chairman M.B.BS 07 Years
02 Muhammed Nazmul Hasan Managing Director B.Sc. in Engineering 16 Years
03 Umme Salma Director-   Finance& Admin B.A ( Hons.) in English 07 Years
04 Bimal Chandra Biswas Director B.Sc. in Engineering 16 Years
05 Engr.Kalyan Dev Director B.Sc. in Civil  Engineering & M.Sc. in Project Management(UK)  

15 Years



  • Design & Engineering.
  • Marketing & Sales.
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Admin & Human Resource Management.
  • Accounts & Finance.
  • Project Management.



Profile at a glance:

Company Name : I-MART Engineering Ltd.
Head office Address : 23/6,RupayanShelford(18th floor), Block # B, Shamoly, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Telephone : +88 01612435001-2, +88 01610004521
E-mail : info@i-mart.com.bd and imartengineeringltd@yahoo.com
Website : www.i-mart.bd.com
Year of Establishment : 2011
Type of Company : Private Limited Company
Principal Bankers : NCC Bank, Uttara Branch
VAT Registration Number : 5021181039
Income Tax File Number : 210-201-8931
Trade License No. : 04-14120
Company Registration No. C-95404/11
Factory Address : Kamta,Golora, Manikgonj-1811 Bangladesh
Production Capacity : 12,000 MT/Year
Scope of Work : Design, Engineering, Fabrication & Erection/Installation of Pre- Engineered Steel Buildings, Structure, Civil Construction

Application & Services:


IEL provides Pre Engineered Steel Building services for new built, extension, addition and modification of roof and wall sheeting including aesthetic Architectural, interior & exterior design services in the following areas which are as follows:

# Commercial / Trade Centers /Convention Hall /Factory Steel Buildings.

# Sports Stadiums/Animal Feed Sheds/High-rise Buildings.

# Spinning Mills & Garments.
# Warehouse & Storage,
# Food industries.
# Automobile Industries.
# Ceramics & Pharmaceuticals Industries.
# Car parking shed and CNG refueling stations, Shipyards, Seafood factories, Waste treatment Factories.
# Cement Industry/Textile industries.
# Building accessories such as doors, windows, ridge ventilators ,Canopy, Crane beam.


All kinds of civil construction work, Design, Fabrication and supply of prefabricated steel structure building and industrial building.

-Total consultancy for industrial project

-Site preparation

-Civil construction work.


IEL services are complete project management, Design & Engineering, Fabrication & Supply, erection for Pre Engineered Steel Buildings.

  1. i) Design

IEL has an in house design department that is led by a highly professional designer supported with a number of other designers and detailers.  The design and engineering department is equipped with the latest design and detailing software along with the relevant books on building codes related to steel building (IBC 2006, AISC 2005, AWS 2006, MBMA 2006, AWS 2007).

  1. ii) Fabrication & Supply

Our fabrication is guaranteed right through the cutting, fitting, welding, shot blasting and painting using best machines available in the PEB industry of Bangladesh.

To ensure delivery of the best quality product, the process commences right from the beginning i.e. material used.  All materials are imported from a variety of sources from Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Australia, etc.  The imported plates are subjected to quality test before fabrication under the supervision of the QC Department of IEL at the Factory end.

iii) Erection

A very compact team with Project Engineers, Site Engineers, Supervisors and Senior Workers comprises the IEL Erection Team.

  1. iv) Quality

IEL in house design team is equipped with a separate Quality Department with functions at the factory is dedicated to undertake quality check at every level of the material entry to delivery to site. This quality check is carried out throughout the period of fabrication until completion of painting thus ensuring that only those material that qualify the stringent quality tests of IEL Quality Department are delivered to the client.

High quality workmanship with best quality material, reasonable price, smarter/faster and timely completion include Customers’ utmost satisfaction is the main motto of the company.


Smarter: Resource efficient – less labor and fewer materials wasted

Faster: Less site damage, less material exposure and less waste in Landfill and in many cases occupancy occurs 50 percent faster than with conventional construction

  • Targeting large, complex construction projects in emerging markets.
  • Investing in the best people and technologies.
  • Maintaining our commitment to quality and safety.