Our Value


Excellence in every aspect – Premium quality and performance resulting from our expertise, efficiency, attention to detail and passion.

Exceptional value – value based on the depth of our financial resources, our local knowledge and our technical expertise.

Constructive partnerships – strong, enduring relationships with clients and partners based on trust, transparency and results.

Safety focused   – Important consideration in every aspect of our operations.



Our people – Their expertise, hunger for knowledge and passion to excel.Above all, their loyalty and commitment to I-Mart Construction Industries.

Our resources – Capital resources that enable us to respond faster than our construction competitors and  raw materials that enable us to trade material at market leading prices.

Our experience – A tradition for excellence and  achievement reaching  back over  5 years and  an ability to  share our clients’ perspective that  gives us a unique understanding of their needs throughout the project cycle.

Our investment capability– Financial resources that allow us to partner with clients as both investor and contractor.The ability to self-perform and to diversify into new industries.